This exercise is good for every person out there particularly for those that wanted to enhance their athletic performance. Our mountain climbing exercises are great workout for everyone!

About Us

Hey I’m Jude Hung owner of  A Cool Teamwork where we train efficient compound exercises that we hope will help you get fit quick with less efforts. Of course we don’t promise a smooth ride all the way to fitness glory, but a little less effort than what you would normally put in a conventional gym. Our most practiced exercise is the wide mountain climbers exercise- a full body workout that provide numerous benefits to a trainee including improved sports performance, mobility, coordination, cardiovascular health and agility among several other. 


the exercise involves swift moves and a sharp sense of timing which serves as good agility training 

Fat Burn

 the workout is heavy and thus helps you shred more body fat 

Cardiovascular Health

if you are concerned about your cardiovascular health then this is the best training to do 

Sports Performance

speed, coordination, flexibility and strength are good for any athlete 


I have been training mountain climber exercise at A Cool Teamwork for three weeks after I resolved to work out regularly starting this month, and I’m already wondering why I never begun early. The exercise is efficient, less taxing and I also sweat a lot- good sign right! 
-Kristen Lizard 

The training is effective and I didn't just lose weight and stuff like that but I also gained some friends in A Cool Teamwork. The staff is so friendly. Thank you so much 
-Jessy Florence


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